Area Businesses Have Dozens Of Reasons For Choosing The Corridor

Businesses in all industries – from technology to logistics to manufacturing – have found business success within the Fairfield 33 Corridor.

“Over 70% of our employees are in Fairfield County. We do have some that have a commute, but most of them live right here. We built a 6,000 square foot building, moved in 12 people and within a year and a half, we had to add another 6,000 square foot and over the years we’ve grown from 12 to 70 plus employees…a lot of them live right here in Fairfield County, so they have access to their family life. If you’re not driving an hour commute every day, that’s an hour you can spend with your family and that’s been important for us.”
Richard A. Curnutte
President, Volunteer Energy

“Fairfield County has provided us with the central location needed to attract a skilled workforce. There is an excellent vendor population here that supports our specialty trade of custom cabinetry and fixture manufacturing. With good roads and highways, our company has easy access to a major metropolitan area that provides a network of freight companies, which can meet our national and international shipping requirements.”
Judy Kellogg
President, Kellogg Cabinets, Inc.

“My wife and I purchased Martin Partitions in Carroll in September 2007. We are very pleased with the quality of the existing workforce. We have also found an excellent pool of workers for both full and part time positions. Our experience in Fairfield County to date says we will have no problem supporting our aggressive growth targets.”
Bruce Miller
General Manager, Martin Partitions
Jeane-Charles Briere - Presidnet, SRI, Inc.
“The 33 Alliance was fantastic, helping us find a location here, introduced us to…both the city and state authorities put us in contact with the OEPA for instance, and really helped us through this process. When we opened the plant we had only two people coming from Canada…everybody else we hired locally here and within the first month we found ten very good employees, which allowed to not only get going, but also help setting up the plant. In September, we started with the first shift and by December we had three shifts going. We were able to hire select, train employees…they’re very eager to learn, very good work ethic and very loyal to the company. We added a building last year and everybody gave us the support to make this happen in a short period of time. I believe there is a firm commitment to the industry and supporting the industry.”
Jean-Charles Briére
President, SRI Ohio Inc.
Jim Long - President, Olan Plastics
“Labor was one of the main reasons that we moved here…we were having a real hard time finding qualified labor, and we knew that the 33 corridor going down into Lancaster and going down into Hocking Hills offered more opportunities for some more quality people and it has turned out to be very advantageous for us.”
Jim Long
President, Olan Plastics
Doug Cronin - President, Nfocus Consulting, Inc
“I was raised in this area and feel that this community is a great place for our employees to bring up a family, without the hustle and bustle of the larger cities. In the process of establishing a technology company in Lancaster, many said that it couldn’t be done, and that I should look to Columbus. Lancaster has been going through growing pains over the past 20 years and technology is starting to take hold, while still maintaining the small town feel. As we have continued our growth,we are now being noticed by many of the local residents who thought they had to travel to the larger cities for well-paying technology positions. We currently employ residents from all the surrounding counties and beyond. One of the comments that we encounter quite frequently is when clients ask, incredulously, ‘…and you’re based in Lancaster, Ohio?’ “
Doug Cronin
President, Nfocus Consulting, Inc.