Student Information

Do you want to start a career right out of high school? Are you looking for a way to pay for college without taking on large amounts of debt? Would you like to have a job with regular hours and good pay? The Fairfield County Career Readiness Endorsement is your pathway to a local career.

Employers in Fairfield County are looking for employees that have proven that they can be successful in the workplace. However, the problem for recent high school graduates is that in order to gain the experience employers desire, they need an employer to take a chance on hiring them first.

Therefore, the Fairfield County Career Readiness Endorsement was created. It is to help prepare students to be work ready and to provide proof to local employers that these students can be successful at their company.

The Career Readiness Program includes opportunities to: 

• Learn about local careers
• Tour local businesses
• Prepare a resume
• Receive assistance with job applications
• Learn and practice interview skills
• Attend career fairs
• Earn the Career Readiness Endorsement to show employers you are job ready
• Celebrate your new job at Career Signing Day

In addition, many companies offer tuition reimbursement programs. This means that you will not necessarily be foregoing a chance at higher education but, instead, could just take a different path to get there

Upon completion of the program, you will be guaranteed an interview with one of our employer partners. These are employers that have full-time, full-benefit positions for individuals with a high school diploma. Our program Career Navigators, with the help of your school counselor and teacher, will assist you along the way. Once the process is complete, you may have a final interview to receive your endorsement. This is done so that if anyone falls short in any area, they still have the opportunity to earn the endorsement.

We are excited about the future of Fairfield County because of students like you that will be joining our workforce. If you have any questions, you can contact your school counselors, teacher, or your Career Navigator(s).