Rock Mill Industrial Park

Situated on the City of Lancaster’s western edge and immediately adjacent to U.S. 33, Rock Mill Industrial Park has shovel-ready certified sites available from 1 to 75 acres, with a pre-1994 CRA providing 15-year/100% real property-tax abatement.

The city’s infrastructure at Rock Mill provides a dual pipeline served water system with more than 2 million GPD of capacity, an 8”, 200-psi natural gas pipeline with 18,000 Dth per day capacity and access to multiple interstate pipelines from the Gulf of Mexico and Wyoming supply basins and wastewater pipelines, all designed and installed with industrial needs considered.

The City of Lancaster has a qualified and loyal workforce with many training facilities and secondary educational institutions in its immediate proximity. As a manufacturing and technology community, there are numerous service companies available to provide immediate support for industries locating here. The low land cost, post-abatement tax rate, location, Foreign Trade Zone and infrastructure makes Rock Mill Industrial Park a premier Central Ohio certified Site.


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