The Fairfield 33 Corridor is a Destination

You Will Be Proud to Call Home
Living in the Fairfield 33 Corridor offers residents a unique opportunity. Residents benefit from living in a growing metropolitan area, while also having the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of the country. Quality local schools, ample opportunity for enjoying recreation, leisure and  the arts create an attractive community for residents and businesses.

The Fairfield 33 Corridor is truly a destination place for quality living due to the diversity of community resources, business involvement and opportunity.

Each community in the Corridor is teeming with its own unique blend of business and leisure, anchored by a backbone of vibrant and thriving schools and local governments. The emphasis on quality of life and a higher standard for the region creates an atmosphere of growth and cooperation, and has produced on of the fastest growing and most successful regions in the state of Ohio
Ale House 1890, Lancaster, Ohio
People riding paths on bike path in Lancaster, Ohio