Fairfield 33 Corridor: Local and Regional Transportation Maps

Delivery of goods and materials is critical to your business and the Fairfield 33 Corridor gives you and your customers the flexibility and cost-saving advantages that come from a wide range of transportation choices.
local highways map
Local Highways
The Fairfield 33 Corridor’s local highways provide benefits to in-state commerce with easy travel possible from any market in the state to another.
regional highways map
Regional Highways
Route 33 has served as a major pipeline to the southeastern United States.

Intersected by Interstate-70 and central to a network of other U.S. and state highways, Route 33 puts businesses on the Fairfield 33 Corridor within one day’s drive of 60 percent of the US population and 50 percent of the Canadian population.
airports map
Three airports: Fairfield County Airport, John Glen International and Rickenbacker Cargo International Airport provide access to all of the major airlines and air service to and from any United States or world destination.
railways map
Two major railroad networks: Norfolk-Southern and Genesee & Wyoming Inc. IORY provide national rail network connections, direct access to ocean ports and the Norfolk-Southern Rail Intermodel facility, which is located only minutes from northwest Fairfield County.