Employers in Fairfield County are looking for employees. They’re looking for employees that have proven that they can be successful in the workplace, but the problem for recent high school graduates is that in order to gain the experience employers are seeking, they need an employer to take a chance on hiring them first.

This is why the Career Readiness Program was created in partnership with the Fairfield 33 Alliance, the Fairfield County Educational Service Center, local businesses, and Fairfield County high schools. The Career Navigators help prepare students to be work ready by assisting with resume creation, interview preparation, career exploration, and job applications. Upon completion of the program, students across Fairfield County attain the Career Readiness Endorsement to show local employers that they are ready to start their new career right after high school.

More than 40 local businesses participate in the program and offer business tours to local students, speak to classes about careers in their industry, provide practice interviews for students, and consider graduating students for jobs at their business.