Fairfield 33 Career Readiness Endorsement

Student Career Readiness Packet
Business Career Readiness Letter

Dear Student,

Employers in Fairfield County are looking for employees. They’re looking for employees that have proven that they can be successful in the workplace. But the problem for recent high school graduates is that in order to gain the experience employers are looking for, they need an employer to take a chance on hiring them first.

This is why the Fairfield 33 Career Readiness Endorsement was created. It is to help prepare students to be work ready and to provide proof to local employers that these students can be successful in their company.

This program will include opportunities to tour area businesses, practice interviewing skills, learn about career opportunities in our community, and hopefully land you a well-paying job after high school graduation. Many of these companies offer tuition reimbursement; so, you won’t be foregoing a chance at higher education, you could just take a different path to get there.

Upon completion of the program you will be guaranteed an interview with one of our employer partners. These are employers that have full-time, full-benefit positions for individuals with a high school diploma. The following checklist must be completed and included with your portfolio when you meet with your school’s work ready council.


Fairfield County Announces Third Annual Engineering Technology Summer Camp

Lancaster, Ohio – The Fairfield 33 Alliance will host its third annual Engineering Technology Summer Camp from June 24-28 and July 8-12 for students entering eighth and ninth grades. The camp will be held at Ohio University Lancaster’s Engineering Technology lab and is open to students who will be enrolled at a Fairfield County school or are home-schooled and reside in Fairfield County. There is no cost to attend the camp.

In its third year the camp will expand to involve even more students. The first two years saw a combined 45 students graduate the camp. The goal for this year is to provide smaller classes and maintain the focus on junior high students with an attendance goal of 30 students.

The 33 Alliance again will partner with Ohio University Lancaster and Lancaster City Schools to show students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) how products evolve from concept to reality.  Gina Orr, instructor at Ohio University Lancaster’s Engineering Technology Lab, and Angela Hoy, STEM teacher for Lancaster City Schools will again facilitate the camp.

“It’s amazing to see how excited these students get when they attend this program,” said Gina Orr. “On the first day they’re a little hesitant because they don’t know what to expect. But once they start making things their eyes light up and they can’t wait to get back in the lab. My favorite day is the last day of the camp when the students get to present what they’ve learned to parents and community leaders.”

The goal of the camp is to show students the rewarding careers that local manufacturers provide. Manufacturing jobs offer the highest wages on average in the county, with an average wage of $58,000 per year according to the Department of Labor’s Labor Market Information. While most of the time in the class is spent making things, students also get to see local manufacturers like Midwest Fabricating, Company Wrench, and niFco.

“Gina has developed a program that is fun and educational while Angela really understands how to inspire these students,” said Rick Szabrak, Fairfield County Economic and Workforce Development Director. “Last year a student told their mom that she should quit her job and go work in manufacturing. It’s starting to change views on manufacturing careers and that’s important for our community.”

For more information or to apply for the camp, go to Fairfield33.com or contact Rick Szabrak at Rick.Szabrak@FairfieldCountyOhio.gov or 740-652-7160. A limited number of spots are available and the application deadline is April 19. Participants will be selected based on review of applications and notified by May 3.

Sign up for the 2019 Manufacturing Camp click here.
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